Nationalism and Communism in East Central Europe

Anna M. Cienciala
History 557, lecture notes

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Lectures 1 & 2
East Central and South-Eastern Europe to 1772
Lecture 10
A-H, S.Slav Q and Coming of WWI; The War in E.Europe; Collapse of Empires; the Versailles Treaty and Germany.
Lecture 17
Eastern Europe 1945-56 & Czechoslovakia 1968
Lectures 3 & 4
The Decline and the Partitions of Poland
Lecture 11
Rebirth of Poland
Lecture 18a
Poland 1956-81
Lecture 5a
The Development of European Nationalism
Lecture 12
Birth of Czechoslovakia
Lecture 18b
Czech, Hung, Balkans, 1968-80
Lecture 5b
Poland. The Struggle for Independence: 1795-1864
Lecture 13
Hungary: Reform & Revolution 1918-20
Lecture 19a
Toward the Collapse of Communism, 1982-1989
Lecture 6
Poland: 1864-1914
Lecture 14a
Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia 1919-39
Lecture 19b
The Collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe, 1989
Lecture 7
The Magyars & Hungary 1790-1914
Lecture 14b
Interwar Balkan States
Lecture 20a
Central and East Europe
Lecture 8
Czechs and Slovaks 1790-1914
Lecture 15
Appeasement 1938
Lecture 20b
The Balkans Since 1989
Lecture 9
National Renascence of the Balkan Peoples in 19th Century
Lecture 16
The Coming of the War and Eastern Europe in WWII

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